Stop Corporate Polluters

Two bills working their way through Alabama’s legislature--HB36 and SB45--are highly dangerous pieces of legislation that would attach severe penalties for protesting or even flying drones over so-called “critical infrastructure” sites which includes pipelines like the Keystone XL. It is a blatant attempt to stifle environmental activism and curb free speech that has already passed in several other rural and Southern states.

This bill has already been voted out of committee by legislators beholden to big corporations, putting profit from pollution over the lives of Black, Indigenous, and poor communities. Now they're trying to rush it through for a final vote before the full House and Senate in the hopes that we won’t be paying attention.

This legislation is so broadly worded there would be few limits as to what types of punishment could be applied to individuals protesting against new construction or potential modifications to existing construction that could be hazardous to the environment and devastating to nearby communities. 

Add your name to tell legislators you demand better and that they should vote NO on HB36 and SB45. With enough grassroots pressure, we can put a stop to their attempts to protect corporate polluters. 

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Please vote NO on HB36 and SB45 which would criminalize Alabamians' first amendment rights to free speech while making it easier for companies to pollute our rivers and streams without consequence. 

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