Roy Moore Doesn't Represent Alabama

I’ve spent the weekend reflecting on the accusations against Roy Moore. 

I have been particularly struck by the experiences of Leigh Corfman, an Etowah resident who feared the credibility of her story might be weakened by her divorces and financial struggles. Through hers and others’ allegations, Moore’s response, and the surrounding media, we see examples of the gender and class inequity, hypocrisy, cronyism, and social manipulation that have for too long marred our local, state, and national politics.

received_10159675341865241.jpegAt Hometown Action, our most immediate priority is keeping Roy Moore out of Senate. As concerned Alabamians, we must mobilize our people in the days leading up to our state’s December 12th Special Senate Election. Roy Moore and his kind do not represent us, nor do his personal or political behaviors reflect the values of communities he claims to represent: rural people, the working class, and Christians.

If you’re as fired up as I am to prevent Moore a
nd his ilk from gaining more power, I hope you’ll join me in taking the following actions:

  • Sign up with Hometown Action’s Get Out the Vote canvassing efforts against Moore.
  • Get yourself and your people registered to vote by the November 27th deadline. That's just days away!
  • Become a contributing member of Hometown Action. We will use your hard-earned dollars to organize against crooked politicians like Moore, and replace them with grassroots leaders.
  • Talk about Moore’s ethical and political failings with your loved ones, especially conservative and moderate folks.

If we take back the power that is rightfully ours as Alabamians, I believe we can shape the Southern communities we’ve always dreamed of.

KC Vick is the River Region Organizer for Hometown Action. A proud daughter of west Alabama, she currently lives in Montgomery where she works in education for a nonprofit clinic serving rural communities. 

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