Community Care in the Time of COVID-19

Hometown Action has made the decision to reschedule our events and public meetings or conduct them in virtual spaces in light of the growing impact of COVID-19. As of Friday, March 13th at least one case of the virus is being reported in Alabama, though this will likely increase as testing becomes more widely available. Our staff will have the option to work from home and will continue to be paid in full.

It is imperative that we each do what we can to stem the community spread of the virus and social distancing is the best way to do that.

Creating space in small towns and rural places to come together to learn, share, and grow power in our communities is the heart of our work. This is why we knock on doors, why we hold community gatherings, why we share meals together.

However, protecting each other is also at the heart of what we do. We know that so many folks who make up our membership are also some of the most vulnerable in the face of this pandemic. In fact, making this decision reminded us why we do this work: Our communities have been made vulnerable because of an unbalanced and unfair system that puts profits over people. 

If people across Alabama had full access to the healthcare they need and had basic protections at their jobs such as paid sick leave, we would all be much safer and our communities would be more resistant to COVID-19. 

This is why we need to build power for poor and working people in Alabama!

Hometown Action is following the CDC and the WHO protocol for social distancing and virus prevention. This means that our in-person work will temporarily move to online and phone wherever it can. Our staff and leaders are exploring ways that we can creatively continue to move our campaigns forward in a digital capacity while also ensuring access to all who need it.

Additionally, we are exploring ways we can address the social and economic challenges that will inevitably arise as the number of cases of COVID-19 increase across the state. Women, LGBTQ folks, Black and people of color communities, and working class people will be the most vulnerable, especially without bold government action to provide free healthcare, childcare, and other economic relief. 

We will be reaching out to you. We want you to reach out to us. Everyone must be a part of this work. We will leave no one out. 

As we continue to develop a plan for community care, we invite you to sign up to be part of this process and join us in building multiracial power as a way to grow stronger and take care of each other.

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