Remember in November

We are reeling. We are shaken from reliving the trauma of sexual violence - and having our stories discounted, disbelieved and pushed aside. We mourn the pain of loved ones lost: to violence against women and trans people, to hurricanes fueled by corporate greed, to families torn apart at the border, to mass incarceration and to the everyday toll of substandard housing, low wages and for-profit healthcare.

We are filled with rage and grief, but we are not defeated. We will remember in November.

On November 6th we will remember which elected officials have stood beside us and who have turned their backs on our stories, our pain and our futures. We are the voices who cry out in anger and horror at the travesties bestowed upon our people.

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I pledge to vote this November 6th in the midterm election. I pledge to force cultural trauma into public memory. I pledge to fight for the future I want to live in. 

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