Keep Doug Jones Accountable to the People

On December 12th, we proved to a skeptical nation that Alabamians can come together across race, class, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and the urban-rural divide to accomplish a great political goal. Together, we defeated Roy Moore and made Doug Jones our next U.S. Senator.  

Hometown Action mobilized our members for a 5-day door-knocking campaign to get out the vote for Doug Jones. Despite unusual winter weather, our members knocked over 5,000 doors and talked with countless Alabamians ready for change.

We knocked these doors for the possibility of being represented by someone who will act on our hometown values. We knocked these doors to safeguard our healthcare, to stand against the ongoing assault on civil and human and voting rights, to protect our environment, defend LGBTQ+ rights, and ensure self-determination and safety for all Alabamians.

We made Doug Jones our senator. Now we will not sit idly by and hope for the best. We will hold him accountable to our demands.

In the weeks leading up to the election, members of our collective swallowed their anger when Doug Jones released his Lost Cause ad. We swallowed our anger when he distributed condescending and racist mailers to Black voters. We swallowed our anger when he failed to appropriately respond to community-based criticism of these strategies.

We swallowed our anger just days after his victory, as Doug Jones suggested we move past sexual assault allegations against the President in order to work on “real issues.” These actions and words are disheartening, and we cannot ignore them.

Much post-election media highlights the difference made by local organizations like ours and everyday people like you. We are the people who got Doug Jones elected, the ones who sacrificed our time and resources to win this election.

We must now band together to do the hard work of keeping Doug Jones accountable to the people who elected him.

Who's signing

We the undersigned demand that Doug Jones:

  • Commit to standing against GOP tax and healthcare plans that will harm our communities

  • Firmly condemn sexual assault and take perpetrators to task

  • Advocate for strengthened voting rights, especially in light of voter suppression and dismal public education on voting rights restoration

  • Negotiate “common ground” not at the expense of his constituents of color, rural residents, and working class Alabamians

This election was only the beginning. Like so many Alabamians, we showed up for Doug Jones; now we’re asking Doug Jones to show up for us.


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