Mission & Values

We envision our communities revitalized through multiracial working class organizing and leadership development at the local and state level to create opportunities for all people to thrive.

Our work is guided by these fundamental values:

Anti-Racism: Alabama has a long history of racism and many of our communities have been perpetrators of that history. However there is also a long history of resistance, resilience, and progress. We are committed to dismantling systems in our communities that contribute to racial inequality as a core component of our working class movement building.

Class Solidarity: Working people are the heart of our small towns and rural communities. We are committed to creating class solidarity among all working people regardless of job, industry, or income (including unpaid labor), against corporate interests that seek to exploit our communities for the benefit of a wealthy few.

Inherent value of all people: Our society creates false divisions between groups of people whether based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or other characteristics. We recognize that these differences are what make our communities great. Our solidarity comes from our shared struggle against oppression and desire to see our communities thrive.

Importance of relationships: Our communities depend on strong relationships in order to effectively solve problems and thrive. We organize and build community power by establishing deep relationships with our members to create intentional community around shared values.

Community building: Our society perpetuates loyalties to narrow communities of family, close friends, or those with shared identities. We believe in building broader communities that value all people and the unique perspectives, skills, and complexities they bring.

Movement politics: Our current top-down approach to politics isn’t working and leads to exploitation of our communities. We are committed to a grassroots approach to politics. To build the communities we want, we must elect everyday people from our movement who will govern in collaboration with and be held accountable to the people they represent.