Montgomery Deserves Quality Education for All

Quality education is the foundation of a healthy community and thriving local economy.

This is the sentiment we heard time after time from our neighbors in Montgomery’s Highland Park, Capitol Heights and Garden District after knocking on hundreds of doors and talking to local residents.

Yet the Montgomery County Board of Education and Alabama State Department of Education have refused to put our kids first and solve our city's education crisis. Neighborhood schools are being shuttered or sold off to the highest bidder, leaving working families in the dark about their kids’ educational future.  

Working families in Montgomery deserve better!

They are tired of being pitted against one another across race, class, and school district in our complicated system of magnets and traditional schools, with charter schools now on the horizon.

They are tired of our elected leaders putting politics and profits ahead of our kids, going so far as to threaten the jobs of hard working teachers and support personnel if they don’t get their way.

We demand an end to the corruption and scare tactics being used to take money out of our public schools only to be funneled into institutions for the wealthy. We demand full funding, transparency, and greater community control of Montgomery Public Schools.

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