Support Medicare for All

We, the voters of Alabama, demand a healthcare system that guarantees health as a human right and public good. We are calling on our elected officials to fight for our right by supporting H.R. 1384, the Medicare for All Act of 2019.

This is the only healthcare reform bill that would:

  1. Replace the existing broken patchwork of private, for-profit insurance and supplemental public programs with a universal, single-payer system that includes everyone living in the U.S. from birth to end of life;

  2. Guarantee access to high quality, culturally competent, comprehensive services, including medical, dental, hearing, vision, prescription drugs, medical devices, mental health, addiction recovery, primary care, preventative care, harm reduction, reproductive care, maternal and infant care, long-term care in facilities and at home — at no cost to patients;

  3. Put patients back at the center of our health care system by allowing us to choose providers and treatments that are right for us and our families;

  4. Improve the quality and availability of care by rebuilding the rural health care infrastructure, funding evidence-based solutions to the overdose crisis, setting standards for providers on culturally competent care, and addressing the racial and gender disparities in health care at their root causes.

Our lives have been in the hands of for-profit health insurance and pharmaceutical companies for too long, and the damage this has caused to our families and communities cannot be undone. Profits have no place in healthcare. But a different future is possible with Improved Medicare for All.

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