Hometown Action Endorses McClure and Powell for Public Service Commission

Rural grassroots organization chooses candidates who will represent the people’s interests


October 9, 2018

Justin Vest, Executive Director, Hometown Action / [email protected]

Hometown Action is committed to building inclusive and sustainable communities across the state of Alabama. Unfortunately, much of our rural population lives in poverty and a disproportionate share of their income goes to paying utility bills. All Alabamians deserve fair prices  and representatives on the Public Service Commission (PSC) who will balance corporate profits with the needs of the people.

“The PSC has responsibility for so many aspects that affect Alabamians’ lives, including regulating utility rates for energy, water and wastewater. Many voters are unaware they have the power to elect someone to balance the public interest with profits of corporate utility monopolies.” said Hometown Action Executive Director Justin Vest. “We are looking for bold, progressive candidates who will stand up for Alabama's working families. Our members overwhelmingly voted to endorse Kari Powell and Cara McClure for seats on the Public Service Commission.”

Based on their commitment to bringing true democratic representation to the Public Service Commission which is charged with regulating utility companies, Hometown Action members support electing both candidates to secure a majority for working families on the 3-member body. Electing these two candidates would ensure better balance of representation in the people’s interests rather than that of corporate utility monopolies.

“The people of Alabama deserve true public servants who will put Alabamians first, not corporate profits” said Powell. “Alabamians deserve fair utility rates, transparency, energy independence and the jobs that come with it.”

“My first goal is to bring immediate relief to the people who need it most – the poor rural folks who are often paying disproportionately higher electric bills than the average Alabama resident” says McClure. “As an elected member of the Public Service Commission, I can help bring the change to Alabama that we urgently need.”

Many of Alabama’s poor rural communities have suffered health and environmental injustices for decades, but are recently getting more media attention at the regional and national level. There are many examples of inadequate wastewater treatment, contaminated drinking water, and the second highest residential electricity bills in the country and inefficient, unhealthy housing in our state - and our neighbors living in poverty are disproportionately affected. Barriers to a clean energy economy are also holding Alabama back from new jobs in energy efficiency and solar development that are proving to be economic development drivers in other states. Powell and McClure understand these issues and are ready to represent the interests of all Alabamians.

Hometown Action members will be working alongside McClure and Powell campaign volunteers to contact voters in key rural communities where relief from high utility bills and environmental injustice is critical. 


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