Our Alabama Values

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson thinks he represents our Alabama values. And he thinks the LGBTQ community, victims of violence, and those in need of mental health services can't embody those values.

We've grown accustomed to being told who we are by national media, political actors on both sides of the aisle, including our own elected officials. But we reject this narrow and exclusionary definition of Alabama values.

True Alabama values are rooted in strong community, caring for your neighbor, common sense, and justice. We believe in doing the right thing. We believe in giving space for folks to be who they are. We believe in living for family, friends, and, for many of us, faith.

Our values aren't represented by Scott Dawson, Kay Ivey, and the rest of their ilk. And Alabama voters across the political spectrum know it's wrong to blame our state's funding problems on social service providers caring for the least among us rather than politicians in charge of the budget. 

We won't fall for this this narrative or false "values." And we know you won't either.

Add your name to publicly reject this unfair assertion of who we are and show your elected officials that everyday people can build a mass movement that is deeply Southern, deeply Alabamian, and centered on doing right by all people.

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